Siggi and the secret duo

Our mascot Siggi has a little surprise in store for you and announces the next artists of our festival: The duo of A Secret Club based in Aarhus, Denmark, is going to reveal the inner beauty of the visitors and will transfer it onto their skin – simply without pain – by stamps.


A secret club is a Danish-German art initiative, founded in 2009 in London, by Annabelle Nielsen and Kenn Munk. A secret club works with play as an artform. An important part of their work consists of the development of immersive, playful experiences. Participants become part of an alternative world of play, where they often also create their own souvenir. A secret club believes that storytelling and collaborative play can teach children and grown-ups alike important social and creative skills that will be useful to them throughout their entire lives, no matter what path they take.


Come and visit a place where stories are created and different tales are exchanged. The Ornamentalist Tattoo Salon exactly offers this opportunity to the visitors of the playin’siegen Festival 2017. Workshop, game and performance in one: A Secret Club convinced our mascot Siggi with their colourful variety of playfulness. So it’s no surprise that the participants can showcase their inner beauty on their skin.

Your immediate future is crystal clear: You will choose a card and you will be asked a very, very important question. Your answer will allow the ornamentalists a brief glimpse of your inner beauty, before they will painlessly transfer this on to your skin – an individual piece of jewelry which will be certainly admired from everyone.

The goal is the playful, creative and artistic exchange with each other where you can take home a unique souvenir. The Ornamentalist Tattoo Salon is a great experience for families in particular. But the experimental way of telling stories can take full effect on everybody.

Visit the Ornamentalist Tattoo Salon and get your inner beauty transferred on to your skin!

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