Siggi on a mission

Our mascot Siggi is very pleased to present you the first artist duo which will attend the playin’siegen Festival 2017: The game developers of the “Urban Games Factory” Matteo Uguzzoni and Augusto Priovano.

Incognito is a mission-based family game. Missions and tasks are divided between urban exploration and interaction, and every team has 15 minutes to accomplish the mission. When they return, the video recorded with the GoPro is showcased and all the teams can go over the experience again and share the memories and impressions.

In search of artists for playin’siegen, our mascot Siggi went on a far virtual journey. He made a stopover in Italy, not only because of the delicious food. The country is also offering creative minds. Transforming the urban space of Siegen into a huge playing field is a declared goal of this year’s festival. Against this backdrop, the two game developers Matteo Uguzzoni and Augusto Priovano caught our mascot’s attention with their game “Incognito”.


In order to fulfill a mission, the participants of “Incognito” have to intensively perceive their environment and need to interact with one another. Two teams of four people have to solve different tasks. However, these solutions are hidden in unusual spots most of the time: A canal shaft or a statue which one passes way too casually in everyday life. The adventure trip through Siegen is recorded with a GoPro, a small camera, by both teams. As soon as the mission is completed, the groups return to the starting point. The next question is: What exactly did the groups experience? Thanks to a telescreen, the recordings can be evaluated, the collected experiences can be repeated and the impressions can be discussed. Not only professional detectives get their money’s worth in this game. “Incognito” is suitable for families and invites you to experience the city with all its facets more consciously.

Uguzzoni and Priovano dream of a future of entertainment in which there’s no division between the artist and the public anymore. The producers of Real Life games therefore hope for an interactive, immersive and contemporary experience.

Discovering and playing together is the name of the game!

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