A playful menu of games

On his quest to recruit talented game artists, our mascot Siggi traveled the entire world. But it was in Berlin of all places, our illustrious capital city and an international melting pot of cultures, where he came across the American game designer, manga artist, and translator Zack Wood.


With his wonderful project ‚Feasts Of Play‘, the „playful chef“ will serve our visitors a real treat: „Nourish your inner playfulness with a Feast of Play. The main ingredients will be silliness, openness, and playfulness. See how much fun there is without any special toys or technology.“

The maestro will prepare three meals for you during his stay in Siegen. Our guests can expect various dishes of delicious games for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But how will this work without toys or technology? It‘s rather simple: You yourself will become the toys! With his repertoire of games ranging from popular introductory games like the „Human Knot“ to his own, award-winning, creation „Surrender“, Zack brings the participants closer to each other through the game. Therefore the “Feast guests” should not shy away from making contact with their fellow players.

Zack compiled his portfolio of playful delicacies in his homemade „Cookbook of Play“. It contains games from the United States, Scandinavia, Germany, and Japan, where Zack studied at the Kyoto Seika University. In May he will travel to Siegen with this diverse collection of international gaming recipes and he invites you to experience his very own ‚haute cuisine of gaming‘.

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