Siggi came, saw and selected artists

Our mascot Siggi proudly announces the first artist of the playin’siegen festival 2017: Wiro Kupiers

LEGO® Serious Play® – a method developed by LEGO® itself – helps individuals and groups to find clarity and to unleash creativity by thinking with their hands. Wiro Kuipers, certified facilitator of LEGO® Serious Play® introduces you to his method and helps you to be seriously clear on your ideas using those colorful bricks.



Selecting exciting games and talented artists for the playin’siegen festival 2017 is quite an adventure. Therefore our team was supported by a very special cube: Siggi, our rectangular dice mascot.  With his super-hero-cape, he started out to search for creative minds, game concepts, and activities. He can’t hold back anymore and reveals the colorful variety of artists and performances he came across.

In the Netherlands he found what he was looking for: Wiro Kuipers is offering an LEGO® Serious Play® workshop within the festival. Siggi was already flabbergasted at the very first mention of the LEGO® bricks as they are sort of family.  The concept of the workshop is exciting and entertaining. For playin’siegen, Wiro Kuipers will bring a lot of LEGO® bricks along. Under his professional instruction, the participants will build models, standing as a metaphor on a given theme.  The facilitated process aims to transfer ideas out of the head into the hands to create something special.

Siggi is just as sure as we are: The many colorful LEGO® bricks will bring a lot of fun! The LEGO® Serious Play® workshop most definitely assures that you won’t miss out on dexterity, entertainment and creative trains of thought.

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