A fun teaser for Urban Gaming in front of „Sparkasse“ in Weidenau

Crime scene: Weidenau.  A group of strangers went to the courtyard of a penny bank in Siegen last Saturday in the afternoon – armed with quite a huge bag filled with chalk.

After a few minutes the words “playin’siegen 2017, 5th -7th of May” and “past, present, future” magically appeared on the ground. But instead of immediately and inconspicuously leaving the crime scene the suspects began to use foam balls and golf clubs made of newspapers to reinterpret the public space as an urban mini-golf court.


People passing by quickly became aware of the cheerful bustle. Some of them were even tempted to give the Do-It-Yourself iron made out of newspaper a try. Other spectators just were amused or even stunned before moving on.

There were no rules in the gameplay. Although the square metal cubes in front of the building were an ideal target, the golf clubs were also crossed for sword fights or held up in the air for epic poses, according to the motto “playing comes along with fun”. Whoever thinks “that must certainly have been students” now has really ‘sunk a Hole-In-One’ in a figurative sense.


The students of the University of Siegen brought the citizens in the right mood for the upcoming International Urban Games Festival “playin’siegen 2017”. On the first weekend of May, the festival will transform the upper and lower city of Siegen into a huge playing field and you are sincerely invited!

Urban mini-golf will also be presented within the festival. Come by and play along!


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