verspielt in der Kiste

Christmas will be playful again

„Hop in everybody, it’s raining!“

For me, the beginning of Christmas time means that playful times are starting again. Gaming comes along with creativity, baking cookies, doing handicrafts, sharing time with friends and family and thinking about it in advance – especially with my godchild, my playful friend. I can still remember Christmas two years ago. One of my gifts was in a big box. We may not know what to do with it, but she just jumped in, surrounded by toys. Then she came up with a scenario for the game: Rain! „Hop in everybody, it’s raining!“ and all toys had to join her in the box. Then she continued all the time: get in and get out.

Playful in the box


Playful times

She is a brilliant player and four years old. She is actually playing all day long and me too, being with her. Because once upon a time we used to be nonstop players as well. I love her since she always reminds me of how much fun this is and how you can forget your role in society. Her parents and my boyfriend already got used to the fact that – during this time – I’m not a grown-up anymore. But that’s okay although a little bit crazy. I think they will forgive me, while I’m running around the flat breathlessly. There is so much fun that I’m not worried about feeling ashamed when someone watches me playing. Sometimes I feel like being playful is illegal, especially in the public. In private it’s easier, in a protected space.

Being playful in public

Nevertheless I publish my gaming experiences and break a taboo. I publicly demonstrate the freedom to play and transfer this freedom to others. Like last summer, when I drew negative attention by converting a fountain into a swimming pool. Why so serious?

Playful in the well

My mission for playin‘siegen 2017

Being playful in public is a political act. In 2015 we brought gaming into the city – the public space – for the first time. But not everybody wanted and also could act out his playfulness. With our motto “evolution of play – past.present.future.”  this festival shall be an opportunity for everyone to be playful – even to those who gave up playing when growing older. We cross the city and its games at their times in past, present and future. And if one of its inhabitants needs a memory hook, we will find it.

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