Prepare yourself!

The team of playin’siegen offers you lectures by well-known scientists.

The first week of April is over now. In less than a month we will experience a variety of entertaining games together. But playin’siegen is not limited to its large number of games. The festival also provides the opportunity to be educated by recognised scientists. Such an objective is not limited to this year’s festival. It was already an important concern of the organisers in 2015. There were interesting lectures by well-known scientists which were captured with a camera.

Our team would now like to offer you those recordings. Despite the scientific objectives, the videos are exciting and entertaining. This way, you can get an idea of what will expect you this year, besides the presented games. The videos will be published on our website as well as on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Just visit us on a regular basis. The team of playin’siegen wishes you a lot of fun!

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